Day 9 of The Single Woman Blog Challenge: Your favorite “weird/funny single behavior” .

I really had to think about this one and the truth is I don’t have any weird or funny SINGLE behaviors. How I am alone is how I am in a relationship because I show up as my authentic self. There are some things I do that most people might find odd but rest assured I will still do those things when Idris gets here because they are uniquely ME.

I hate folding clothes. I think it’s stupid. The only things I fold are towels because they’re rectangular. When I wash clothes, I leave them in the basket and dig through it all everyday to find what I want to wear. Sometimes I even dump the entire basket out on the bed to find the shirt I’m looking for but instead of folding everything because it’s already out of the basket, I put it all right back in only to do the same thing the next day. This goes on for weeks at a time and I am not ashamed.

I mentioned earlier this week that I work at home and although I do have dedicated office space, I generally work from the couch or the bed (like I’m doing right now). That said, I like to keep everything in reach so I don’t have to get up which means the ottoman and area around my bed are eclectic collections of whatever I am working on at the moment. I keep my Sennheiser conference call headset on the ottoman along with my box-cutter for opening my many deliveries from Amazon and the like. Caramel corn, chocolate chip cookies, portable T.E.N.S. machine and the Bible are just a few of the items next to the bed along with the humidifier and my collection of socks (I wear certain types of socks around the house, other socks to bed, and still different socks out in public).

I eat my pasta in a bowl the way God intended. I only like Vanilla ice cream…unless it’s the holidays and I can find Bailey’s Häagen-Dazs or if I’m at Cold Stone and the Cheesecake ice cream looks good. I’m uncomfortable with miscolored foods like green tomatoes or orange cauliflower. I don’t bowl with house balls, listen to new music, nor fly American Airlines. One of my favorite movies is Ghostbusters II. I love Rick James. I wear wifebeaters every day of the week and I’m probably really 57 years old; I keep tissue in my sleeve, DVR the Dick Van Dyke Show every night and dream of having an old fashioned piano party.

So yeah, in addition to being funny, attractive, fashionable, and well-cultured, I’m also a little odd and peculiar but none of the behaviors above are secrets to my mates. If there is one lesson I have learned by virtue of my own mistakes it’s that trying to change who you are in order attain acceptance is an exercise in futility. It is not me who is imperfect; it is all of us. For a long time, I thought my relationships ended because of my flaws but now I realize that wasn’t the case. I just haven’t yet found the person for whom my idiosyncrasies are perfectly normal and my imperfections are absolutely beautiful.

What odd behaviors make you special? Comment here, or send me a Tweet (@julia_locklear). Have a great Saturday and Go Blue!

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